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Tubular yarn dewatering machine


1. Automatic patented cylinder yarn dewatering machine consists of
2. Movable stainless steel loading cage
3. movable and rotatable carriage with turntable (for stainless steel yarn loading cage)
4. Stainless steel yarn loading cage can be directly lifted into the patented cylinder dewatering machine for dewatering. Then it can be easily lifted out.

1. Low water content, cotton yarn 36~38% (32s~40s).
2. No deformation of cylinder yarn, no contact between surface and inner wall of cylinder yarn, thus no abrasion of yarn surface.
3. When equipped with cage, hanger and mobile trolley, one dewatering machine can be used as two, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of the equipment and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers loading and unloading the cage.
4. The cylinder yarn is rewound without stopping.
5. It can be loaded with 104 cylinder yarns at one time.
6. The whole process of dewatering takes only 9 minutes (from start to stop) with special motor. 


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