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High temperature cotton boiling and bleaching pot

▲ High temperature and high pressure boiling and bleaching machine can complete a number of processes such as degreasing and bleaching at one time, changing the complex process of two lines of degreasing and bleaching in the traditional model, shortening the process time, reducing the floor space of the machine and improving the economic efficiency, which is an ideal product to replace the rope bleaching line and imported equipment. It is suitable for sanitary cotton, cosmetic cotton and other products.
Model: φ1860×3000
Overall dimension: length 5000×width 2400×height 5000
Chemical barrel motor power: 0.7KW
Water pressure: 0.35MPa
Capacity cotton bulk fiber: 1.2T
Motor power: 30KW-37KW
Steam pressure:0.4MPa
Working temperature: 128℃


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