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Multifunctional loose fiber dyeing, cleaning and dewatering machine

Product features:
1. The original dyeing equipment, cleaning equipment and dewatering machine are three different types of equipment in one. It greatly reduces the floor space and simplifies the original cumbersome intermediate flow link to the extreme, thus significantly reducing the investment and operator, making the production process simple and time shortened, and greatly improving the production efficiency.
2. The way of dyeing liquid penetrating the loose fiber is changed from the original penetration from inward to outward to the compound form of inward to outward and centrifugal acceleration to outward. It improves the penetration cycle of dyeing liquid, and the rotating cage loaded with loose fibers can run in forward, reverse, high, medium and low speed under the program control, which further improves the uniformity of dyeing, and eliminates the phenomenon of spraying cylinder, improves the production environment and implements civilized production.
3. Pre-dehydration process can be inserted in the process of dyeing production, which greatly reduces the pressure of back cleaning and improves the efficiency of each cleaning, thus greatly reducing the consumption of energy; among which the water consumption index is reduced from 70 tons of water per ton of loose fiber to 30~35 tons, and the steam, electricity and various dyeing auxiliaries are also greatly reduced.
4. Because of the special centrifugal pump customized by our factory, not only the flow rate is large, but also the power saving is special, compared with the pump of common dyeing machine, it can save about twenty-five percent of electricity on average.
5. This equipment is controlled by the dyeing computer throughout the dyeing production process, so that the color and light of the finished product after dyeing the loose fiber is greatly improved from conspicuousness!


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