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Features of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

Release Time:2022-11-30 13:40:01

1、Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine can be widely used for sludge dewatering in various industries such as municipal, food, beverage, slaughtering, breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, paper making, leather, pharmaceutical, etc.
2、Equipment is not easy to be clogged: The structure of dynamic and static ring filter slit makes the equipment not easy to be clogged, so it is not necessary to clean a lot to prevent the filter slit from being clogged, which reduces the amount of water for flushing and reduces the burden of internal circulation and solves the troubles brought by the clogging of traditional dewatering equipment to enterprises.
3、High degree of automation: The stacked-screw sludge dewatering machine adopts automatic control from pumping out sludge, injecting liquid and discharging sludge cake, which is linked with the soaking machine, inlet mud pump and dosing pump through the electronic control cabinet, so that no personnel is needed to operate the equipment, and the operation will not be clogged, the crawler will deviate or other phenomena affecting the process, and the daily maintenance is easy.
4、Energy-saving and environmental protection: integrated overall design, compact design, substantial savings in operating costs. Low-speed spiral extrusion technology, so that power consumption is significantly reduced equipment is not blocked, flushing water is significantly reduced, 24-hour automatic unmanned operation, labor costs are significantly reduced.
5, no secondary pollution: the spiral shaft speed of about 2-3 rpm, no vibration, noise is very small, its stack has a cleaning function, no clogging problems.
6、Lightweight and durable body: Since mechanical extrusion dewatering is adopted directly, there is no need for large bodies such as drums, so the machine is designed to be quite lightweight; the body is almost all made of stainless steel, and the only replacement parts are the spiral shaft and the moving ring, so the service life is long and durable.
7、The stacked-screw sludge dewatering machine itself has sludge thickening function and directly handles aerobic sludge in the aeration tank without thickening and storage unit, which reduces the overall space and construction cost of the sewage treatment facility.

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