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Maintenance and care of the dryer

Release Time:2022-11-30 13:45:52

Washing room equipment in the use of a period of time is to maintain and maintenance, automatic washing machine dryer ironing machine are to maintain and maintenance, today I introduce to you is the dryer maintenance and maintenance,
1. Often clean the environment around the dryer to remove debris on top of the radiator and debris on the filter below.
2. Check the leakage and smoothness of steam pipe and hydrophobic pipe frequently.
3. Always check the operation of the transmission system and adjust the belt tightness.
4. Check the contact and insulation of each electrical component frequently.
5. If the natural gas dryer is found to be alarmed by the burner, the ignition two-position switch should be closed and stopped to check the gas source and the ignition needle and the burner plane should be less than 10 mm distance, and then re-ignite.
6. Electric heating dryer to often check whether the high-power contact link wire with loose phenomenon, if there is to use tools to tighten the loose caused by poor contact, damage to electrical components,
7. Often to dryer transmission bearings filled with oil.
8. Every year, we should give the dryer a big maintenance to ensure that all parts of the machine can be normal.
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