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What are the advantages of centrifugal drying and press dewatering?

Release Time:2022-11-30 13:41:58

At present, the common dewatering methods in the market are mainly divided into two ways: centrifugal drying and press dewatering. Although the production principles of the two dewatering methods are different, the production purpose is the same, and many times users will also appear when choosing the intersection of the two types of products. So often ask these two types of dewatering methods in the end which is better, and what are the advantages of each?

First of all, centrifugal drying refers to the formation of centrifugal force through high-speed rotation, so as to separate the purpose of water on the treated items a way of work. The common ones here are our industrial dewatering machines. For this type of dewatering method, the dryness is mainly determined by its rotational speed, and the higher the rotational speed, the better the dewatering effect. Since it is a dewatering mode of rotating and drying, it is more often helpful to remove surface water, but there is still a certain shortage of internal water extrusion.

Overall, if you look at the dewatering effect alone, this person press dewatering is slightly better than the centrifugal drying effect. But here I need to remind the net is the actual choice of dewatering machine we do not only take dumping strength as the main measurement parameters. More often than not, it also depends on the nature of the item to be dried and the requirements after the dewatering process.
Therefore, if you want to dewater vegetables, foodstuffs, cloth and grass, which are not easy to be extruded, then try to choose an industrial dewatering machine with centrifugal drying, and if you want to dewater waste, sludge, wood pulp, which can be extruded, then choose the corresponding press dewatering machine.

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