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The role of cylinder yarn dyeing and drying link

Release Time:2022-11-30 13:45:19

It seems to be a simple process with no technical requirements, but its status is as important as sizing and dyeing of the cylinder yarn. This process needs to solve the problem of color difference between inside, middle and outside of the cylinder yarn, the breaking strength of the color yarn, the problem of decreasing elongation at break, etc. Of course, it also needs to solve the problem of uniform humidity inside, middle and outside of the cylinder yarn caused by this process.

As we all know, uneven humidity is easy to form the color difference between inside, middle and outside of the color yarn, which is a problem that many enterprises will encounter in the cylinder dyeing, and also brings many inconveniences to the cylinder yarn yarn unit, such as low yield rate, so that enterprises suffer many unnecessary losses.

Through the study and practice of cotton yarn dyeing workshop, we learned that the drying equipment used for cotton cylinder yarn in cotton yarn dyeing company all adopt high frequency color yarn dryer imported from Italy, so that water molecules and dye molecules, fibers collide with each other, squeeze and rub and generate heat to achieve the purpose of drying. This drying method does not have strong hot air "shuttle" with the yarn, electromagnetic waves directly on the water molecules, the impact on the yarn is small, the damage to the fiber is small, after drying the yarn elongation at break, breaking strength decreased, so that the shape of the cylinder yarn can be preserved intact, will not aggravate the yarn lint and felting phenomenon;.

The accuracy of controlling the moisture return rate can reach +1%; so that the dry and wet parts of the cylinder yarn have different heat absorption ability, so the moisture content of the inside, middle and outside of the cylinder yarn during the drying process is also uniform, and it is not easy to produce over-drying phenomenon, and the moisture return rate of the cylinder yarn can also be controlled according to the need. In this way, we can guarantee the high quality of color yarn and fulfill the customer's order in time, and ensure to provide all customers with high quality of cylinder dyed yarn.

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