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Common problems when dyeing grey fabric

Release Time:2022-11-30 13:42:40

1. Color flower, the reason: add material too fast, heating up too fast, water level less, etc., the solution, cloth re-enter the tank, add excessive leveling agent insulation 60 minutes to cool down and then check the cloth.

2. Color point, the reason: the dye is not good, no filtration into the tank, sometimes the water quality is not good, causing the dye in the tank side knot up. Solution, use the insurance powder to strip the color, if it is disperse material, can not be stripped, it can only change the black.

3. Hook yarn: production of easy to hook yarn fabric should be careful in every process, the guide wheel should be wrapped with cloth, the car should be padded with adhesive paper, the dewatering machine should also be padded, hands should wear gloves.

4. Abrasion: If there is a problem of abrasion, make sure to reverse the production of fabric. The speed of the cloth guide wheel is adjusted slowly.

5. Pull marks: pull cylinder pull marks, the water level should be enlarged, the speed of rotation is adjusted slowly, high temperature cylinder such as pull marks, into the cloth must be flat width into the cylinder.

6. Chicken scratch marks: cooling too fast, there will be chicken scratch marks, too much cloth will also have, the solution, cloth into the cylinder reheat, add BSK anti-crepe agent, and then slowly cool down.

7. Oil stains, color stains, cloth in the time to oil, weaving oil and water inside the impurities mixed, sticky inside the tank, if the dye, it will be knotted with the dye, and then sticky on top of the cloth. Solution, can also be solved, if not cooked off with alkali or insurance powder can only be changed to black.

8. Bolt difference: bolt and bolt between the color difference, the reason is that the yarn is not the same, the color rate is not the same. If the difference is too large, can only be repaired.

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